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Mitasty allow you to easily update your menu information, photos, prices, and add new products. It's a more cost-effective, faster, and easier

How it works?

Why Mitasty?

Build your restaurant's menu with ease

Mitasty has several awesome features that makes it perfect to take your restaurant's menu to the next level
Optimized for the web
The generated menu page has been optimized for search engines as well as for social media crawlers and this will assure that your restaurant menu has a higher reach.
Dark and Light themes
As Mitasty supports both Light and dark themes, you and your restaurant customers will have the independence to switch between these two modes.
Promotions using banners
Add multiple banners to your restaurant which can help you to convey details such as offers or promotions to your customers.
Organize your data easily
Mitasty provides an intuitive interface to easily manage your menus. Each restaurant can have multiple menus with multiple sub categories.
View from any device
Customers can view your digital menu from the safety of their personal devices at any time, without any app install. The menu is built to adapt its layout based on the user's device.
QR code
Generate a QR code, print and share it with your customers by simply placing it on your restaurant tables, entrance, food packaging or delivery vehicles.

What is your digital menu going to look like?

Scan this QR code or click the following button to view a sample menu


Create up to 1 restaurants
Add up to 10 menus per restaurant
Add up to 10 categories per menu
Add up to 20 items per category
Add up to 5 banners per restaurant
Basic support
Create any number of restaurants
Add any number of menus per restaurant
Add any number of categories per menu
Add any number of items per category
Add any number of banners per restaurant
Basic support

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